What will 2014 bring for you and your space?

The end of the year, the beginning of a new one. I know I’m not the only one who has New Year Resolutions. These resolutions are always well intended, full of promise….taking our worst faults and attributes about ourselves and optimistically thinking we can change ourselves to be better, faster, thinner, nicer, whatever.

I’m guilty as everyone else! My previous resolutions are to run more, write more, be more patient, lose more weight, drink more water, drink less wine (ok, that last one may be a bit too ambitious). After a running start (literally), I usually start fizzling in February, if not by the 2nd week of January.

On or around New Years Eve, I often reflect back over my year taking stock: how did I do? My perfectionist side comes out and focuses on all of the things I didn’t do….and how quickly the resolution came to an end. While I think the end of the year is a good time to reflect on what we want to change, it should also be a time to reflect on what we have done right. Having too high of expectactions of ourselves will likely not contribute too much.

This year, my promise is to focus on small changes. These are less daunting, less likely to fail, and can still produce significant results. Small shifts in perception, tiny adjustments in attitude, and little steps in the right direction can be more effective to having a happier, healthier life.

We can also take this approach with our living spaces….we may have practical resolutions, such as clearing clutter, purging items that are not needed,  and starting the year with organized closets and pantries. We can finally resolve to organize the pictures and hang the gallery wall we’ve always wanted to, create the perfect bookshelves, redecorate a room because its been over 10 years since we did anything. While all of these are worthy, they may provide some sense of despair when the resolution is not completed, whether it’s because the task takes too long, it’s all too daunting, or life just gets in the way. I’ve made a list of 5 small changes you can make to your home, all without costing a lot, or taking up too much time.  These will all revive your home, create a feeling of new-ness, and give you some excellent New Year personal satisfaction….guaranteed!

#1 –  Paint a piece of furniture.

I love seeing accent furniture in a bright color to compliment a room’s decor….and to update a piece that might otherwise seem dated. Don’t be shy when choosing a color – turquoise, tangerine, cherry tomato red, steel gray, and celadon green are just a few good examples. The piece you choose to paint will most likely inspire you to look for new accessories to match and will give you direction when choosing.



For really great (and totally no fail) tips on painting furnture visit this great blog:



#2 –  Wallpaper the back of bookshelves.

You could even use contact paper (we found this cute chevron pattern below online). This will add huge impact to any room, and will also most likely force you to clean up those shelves by getting rid of dust collectors you no longer need.




#3 – Frame your children’s masterpieces to create some fantastic art to freshen up any space.

I especially love this idea of hanging frames without glass as seen here….then you can easily change and update art as they grow.  (my) Good (friend) Will is a great go-to to find all kinds of frames (who said you need to keep the lovely art?)  Spray painting them will give you a fun eclectic look.




4) Change the look of family room or living room with a new throw, new pillows, and/or new panels.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures, and use several different shapes and sizes.  I especially love the fushia on this couch below….not sure if these would fly with the hubby though.




5) Freshen up your bathroom.

Change your shower curtain, purchase some fluffy new towels, clear off the bathroom counter and store toiletries elsewhere. This will also give you the opportunity to go through your things and throw away anything that has expired, or is not used, or is empty…and by doing this, guess what?  You are fulfilling your resolution to be more organized.


Happy 2014. I hope you have more willpower than me to stick to your New Years Resolutions….but if not, do one of the 5 things above, pour a nice glass of wine, and sit back and admire. You accomplished something good for your home and for your heart.




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